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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

What is Skip Tracing?

An individual who has moved, leaving no phone number or forwarding address, and cannot be easily located by standard methods is known as a skip. The ability of an organization to service a collector's needs to update contact data based on information obtained from data brokers and third parties is known as skip tracing.

Keep in mind, that finding people is one thing, while collecting their debt is another. However, and most importantly, one can not collect a debt if they are unable to locate and communicate with the consumer.

Therefore, what makes Spears, Dewitt & Hall different from the agency you are currently utilizing? Simple, Spears, Dewitt & Hall (SDH) has understood the critical relationship between skips and unpaid debts.  In other words, SDH batches accounts to national database providers, just like other prime collection agencies, in order to locate skips. Unfortunately, the majority of accounts submitted to these providers are returned with no additional information or the identical information on record, which is expired. Unlike most domestic collection agencies who can ill afford (cost of doing business) to skip trace manually, SDH benefits from the lower labor costs of its near-shore facility in performing a more detailed (near-by's, relatives, ect.) effort in the location of skips. The results are SDH provides a sustainable competitive advantage for its clients due to increased returns from superior skip tracing.