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Members Declare Candidacy for ACA International Board of Directors

Apr 10, 2013

First Global Response President/CEO Phillip Spears is running for candidacy among 16 other members of the ACA International for the International Board of Directors.

On July 14, 2013, the Council of Delegates will elect five board members to serve three-year terms. The council meeting will be held in San Diego in conjunction with ACAs 74th Annual Convention and Exposition.

Candidates are:

*Running for re-election

Kenneth Bone
Burt and Associates
Carrollton, Texas
Agency Member

*Tom Gavinski
IC System, Inc.
St. Paul, Minn.
Agency Member

Ty Hamlin
ARC Management Group
Kennesaw, Ga.
Agency Member

Nick Jarman
Delta Outsource Group, Inc.
Lake Saint Louis, Mo.
Agency Member

*Keith Kettelkamp
Remex, Inc.
Princeton, N.J.
Agency Member

Michael Lamm
Kaulkin Ginsberg
Rockville, Md.
Affiliate Member

Vanessa Lewis Ward
High Cotton
Birmingham, Ala.
Affiliate Member

Patricia Nelson
Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Agency Member

Rick Richardson
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
Earth City, Mo.
Creditors International Member

Karolyn Rubin
TLC Experts, LLC
Northbrook, Ill.
Affiliate Member

Dan A. Russell
Collection Center, Inc.
Rawlins, Wyo.
Agency Member

Jeffrey A. Schreiber
Waterfront Capital, LLC
Salem, N.H.
Asset Buyer Member

Tanya Seip
EFT Network, Inc.
Hawthorne, N.Y.
Affiliate Member

*Mel Shaw
USCB America
Los Angeles
Agency Member

Gregory M. Shelton
First Financial Asset Management
Agency Member

Phillip D. Spears
Talbott, Adams & Moore, Inc. dba Spears, Dewitt & Hall
San Antonio
Agency Member
John Tallarico
SoundBite Communications
Bedford, Mass.
Affiliate Member

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